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Track Rules

  1. Never yell from drivers stand (i.e. hey stupid, hey corner)
  2. Do not turn your radio off with your car still on.
  3. Never turn your car on with your radio off.
  4. Never hit anyone from the rear (it’s your fault).
  5. If you cause a wreck, don’t just take off, let the person you hit take the lead back.
  6. If you jump the course, you must stop and let the person behind you pass before you start again.
  7. Once you have been lapped, DO NOT race with the leaders, if you take out the leader after you have been lapped, you will be asked to pull off and let him go by.
  8. If your car breaks: Do not leave the stand. Do not block view of other drivers. 
  9. Do not leave the stand for any reason.
  10. 2 or 3 qualifying heats depending on time, event and number of entries.
  11. Single fastest qualifying heat (aka rocket round).
  12. Heats are 6 minutes long.
  13. Mains are 8 minutes long.
  14. Pre-Stage: Have your car ready to go 5 minutes prior to your race. Put transponder in car. Have your body on and battery in your car. When the race before you has pulled their cars, place yours on the track and drive to the start line.
  15. Post-Stage: After you finish racing, go to your car, turn your car and radio off. Bring your car and transmitter to the post-stage area then immediately go back out to the track to Marshall.  There will be only 2 minutes in between heats.
  16. Results will be posted shortly after you are done marshaling.
  17. Do not argue with the computer (it is right).
  18. Do not talk to the Race Director while he/she is running the races.
  19. Any issues of violence, bullying, or degrading another driver or official will be subject to removal from that race, suspension, and banning from the track.


  1. Marshall immediately after your race.
  2. Cars running on track have right-of-way.
  3. Never jump in the air, you risk landing on a car or barrier.
  4. Never flip or throw the cars.
  5. Place cars in the direction of traffic.
  6. Don’t touch a car if it’s wheels are still moving.
  7. Watch your corner not the race.
  8. In a pile up, first car that crashed should be the first car turned over.
  9. Marshall’s DO NOT fix cars.
  10. If a car stops in your area, go over and drop it once, if it goes, let it, if it doesn’t, pull it off and set it in a safe place on the side of the track and continue Corner Marshaling.